As the only recurve model currently built at White Wolf, the Beowulf lives up to the legend behind its name as a strong and formidable opponent for any shoot. It is an extremely smooth uncoiling bow and releases with the same fluidity. The Beowulf has a considerable amount of mass, making it an incredibly stable and crisp shooting bow. The deep hand pocket along with its thumb grip makes hand placement on this bow absolutely positive each and every time, subsequently making consistency in patterning your arrows effortless. Overall, the Beowulf is a very easy bow to become friendly with and finding arrows to match it is a breeze. With a relatively small profile this bow is great for tree stand hunting or ground blinds, but it is also a true ringer for any 3D enthusiast.

Available Lengths
58, 62
Arrow Alignment to
String Travel
Cut 3/16" past center
Base Price


Base price of Beowulf recurve model includes the following:
  • Your choice of riser color
  • Ash limbs dyed your choice of color under clear glass

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